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The Three Faces of the Foxx

One of these is most likely why you are here
The Artist Red_Foxx15
Musical artist
Royalty Free Music

Red_Foxx15 produces a collection of royalty free music for you to use with your content creation without fear of being persecuted by me. 

Rogue Company Wiki
Rogue  Wiki
All Things Rogue Company

Red_Foxx15 maintains a website dedicated to breaking down all the things you need to know about playing Rogue Company

The Content Creator Red_Foxx15


Links about Me

Red_Foxx15 is a person. As a person he has opinions. Being the idiot he is, he shares these opinions on the internet.

Where's the Music

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Goodbye 6-string

The song 'Goodbye 6-string' is one of the most well received tracks found on Red_Foxxx15's freshman  Rock album 'FDA Approved'. 

Rogue Company Wiki Site

The unofficial manual for the game

Rogue Company Wiki Twitter

Twitter account where we post all of the new and updates.

Rogue Company Wiki Twitch

Twitch account where we play Rogue Company and do live interactions

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